Blog Writer Tour


The goal of the #visitypsi Blog Writer Tour was to generate positive coverage and content for area attractions, events, and dining in the Ypsilanti area at the begging of the 2013 festival season and throughout the remainder of the summer.

After some initial research as to how to structure the event, my assistant and I creating a three-day itinerary (May 17-18) based around two automotive events and dining hot spots. We focused our potential blog outreach to those that had broad topics like family and state pride, in addition to foodie blogs throughout the Metro Detroit region.

The blogs that participated were: Mitten Stretcher, The Hungry Dudes, Awesome Mitten, and Mom Explores Michigan.

I researched and created a memorandum of understanding as general guidelines for the writers to follow during and after their tour.

The #visitypsi Instagram Scavenger Hunt was also planned the weekend of the #visitypsi Blog Writer Tour as a way to familiarize the writers with the area.


More than 20,000 reached through collective blogs and social media outlets the weekend of the event. Coverage from the #visitypsi Blog Writer Tour includes the following articles:


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